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Taking the Stress out of Kitchen Remodeling

If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project, don't overlook your emotions. Even good change can be stressful, so it helps to plan ahead. Here's how to take the stress out of kitchen remodeling:


1.     Hire a good contractor who knows how to plan, supervise and get the kitchen remodeling done


2.     Make a temporary kitchen by moving the refrigerator to the dining room or den. Plan to wash

        dishes in the bathtub or sink.

3.     Define your budget down to the penny. Then add in a contingency for surprises. Keep change orders

        to a minimum so you minimize the financial stress.

4.     Select all your materials and color choices early. Live with them (or pictures of them) for awhile

        before the kitchen remodeling starts so you avoid buyer's remorse.

5.     Plan 2 or 3 outings during the week so you avoid the mess.

5 Quick Bathroom Remodeling and Spruce Up Projects

Want to update your bathroom space quickly? Here are 5 project ideas:


1.    Replace the vanity, sink, and faucet to add style and functionality.

2.    Add a new tile floor. Try a ceramic with a faux stone look for a cost

       effective upgrade. Add a border in a contrasting color or try 16-inch

       tiles to make a splash.

3.    Paint in sky blue or lemon yellow for instant rejuvenation. Or, try sage

       green or warm melon.

4.    Add glass tile above the vanity or in the showerstall. Also, try an opaque

       glass bowl sink or a beveled shower door.

5.    Refinish cabinetry. Try a mocha or antique glaze on your cabinets. Add

       in pewter hardware for the finishing touch.